How to benefit from YouTube?

On YouTube you can profit from subscriptions, advertising videos views and clicks on banner ads or text ads. The more subscribers, views and clicks, the more money from advertisers and sponsors. To earn, it is important to create a fun, interesting and useful video content to provoke people to share, evaluate, comment and come back again in your channel. By people subscribed to your channel they would be notified when you release a new video, and would be able to see It. As they click on It and watch the advertisement or even part of you you get paid.

In order to get paid you must set your account first to monetize your videos. You could do that in the settings section. And once monetized applied, need to connect your adwords account to your YouTube channel, so you would receive nice and fresh Ads, that will generate a great passive income.


How to earn money from YouTube?

The prestigious magazine Forbes (Forbes) for the first time published a list of highest-paid stars on YouTube for 2015. The criteria? – Channel revenue of $ 2.5 millions  for 10th place and best paid YouTube star for 2015 is 25-year-old Swede Felix Kelberg better known by the nickname PewDiePie. For 2015 Felix has over 40 million subscribers who have brought him $ 12 million. Felix is ​​not a musician or movie star not even a business owner- he is one of many Let’s Play gamers on YouTube. Let’s Play is a phenomenon in the world of computer games, where millions of people watch a guy play and comment on various computer games.

Basically you can post almost all kind of videos as long as they don`t violate the YouTube rules. If you can make 12 millions from just playing games, just imagine what can you do if you start doing videos in the subject you are interested in. Some sectors might be less profitable, but still, as they bring you happiness and you can get paid for that, WHY NOT ?