How to choose the best e-commerce platform ?

Did you decide what product will sell in your e-store? Great!
Now is the time to make your first e-shop.
If you ask a question of title 5 different programmers will most likely get five different answers.
The correct answer to us is:

Is this allows us to start free (or at least with a little investment), the most convenient and fastest.
Many people spend too much attention and lose infinitely much time evaluating different systems. These are usually people who believe that you pick up the store, and customers will come.
“Build it and they will come” thinking is the reason for the failure of not one or two businesses.

In fact, if you choose OpenCart, Magento, WooCommerce or other system has no importance to the financial success of your first store. All three solutions have a large assortment of quality issues as well as many more provide the same and beyond.
For some websides entrepreneurs have chosen a WooCommerce, for the following reasons:
Completely free open-source system. Unlike Shopify and other solutions that eating extra of your margin, open source solutions are the right choice for the first online store. Being open source would let you do amazing creativity in the future, even if you have no funds to outsource your ideas to programmers just now.

Convenient and easy to use admin interface is critical, especially if you lack of technical skills.
The users friendly topics with one page checkout and the possibility of placing an order without registration is a plus.

Very good optimisation Engine and Best SEO plugins would boost your traffic and therefore your conversions if do you business good.
The platform must be suitable for smaller range of products that is strongly recommended to start with.
Consider built personal experience with WordPress, as Its the most desired platform and easy to use for many. Full arsenal of plugins to improve your customer experience.

The launch of the online store and choosing a product to sell online is not an easy task. With so many products and niches, finding a specific type requires a certain skill.
The truth is that there is no perfect product to sell online, no perfect way to start their first online store.

I hope these tips give you a good basis to find a good product to sell in your first online shop, but remember that not everything boils down to a list.
Although this guide will help you start your online store, nothing can replace the value of creation, the fulfillment of a great marketing campaign, providing impeccable customer service and hard work that you need to provide in order to succeed.
The most important thing is to take the next step and actually take ACTION. No action, No success, no matter how much you read and educate yourself. None manual or article can not make you successful if you do not take things into your own hands. As some business gurus says: “Just pull the freakin ‘trigger, and make It happen.”