Hello world, if you are interested in how you can change your mindset from employee to entrepreneur, you are in the right place.

This site were created by Iskren Ivanov, a graduate professional in Finance and an entrepreneur from Bulgaria, who wants to share knowledge and experience in business with worldwide audience and also get more knowledge for his own by discussing interesting topics of mindset, investing, business and money management etc.


Knowledge is power, and the more we educate in life the stronger we will become, and ready to manage with all the difficult moments we have. And all of that start with our mindset, and usually ends with It. If we cant change It from employee to entrepreneur in our heads, we are cursed to stay on hold.

There are many sources that we can educate and upgrade what we already know, unfortunately we have not enough time to get them all. That`s why would be great if we share any book we read, any educational video we have watched, any article we have seen on newspaper, magazine, tv etc. and most of all our own experience whether good or bad in a brief and valuable format so we can get improved in any segment of the complicated business nowadays.